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North of Wonder is for the adoration of interiors as experiences. It’s for those who love to step into a space, or appreciate an object, and feel transformed, mesmerized and immersed into whatever it evokes.

I want you to live beautifully, in your own abode and out, through immersive, experiential interiors and homeware.

N.O.W is written and curated by me, Shireen Dhaliwal, a London-based, interiors & props stylist.

Finding objects that are thoughtfully-made and discovering places that allow you to escape your everyday-self, give me immeasurable amounts of joy. I get ridiculously hyped about finding a delicious-looking shop or an interior that feels like a film set… and I’m a sucker for awesome packaging (I’ll buy anything if it’s packaged well enough!).

I would love to inspire you to place something beautiful in your home that brings you unbounded joy or to get out there and go somewhere magnificent!

Life’s too short to be filled with average objects or bland experiences and so, I hope the many corners of N.O.W intrigues, stimulates and inspires you.

Shireen x

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