Styling: The Cat & Mutton, Hackney

If you’ve ever wondered past the top end of Broadway Market in the evening, there’s usually a mass of hip young things who probably all work in ‘media’ or for an ‘agency’ that all chuff away on their ciggies, pint in hand, huddling outside the Cat & Mutton pub.

The Cat & Mutton has existed since the 1600’s and although it’s gone through some renovation since, the interiors are of the time when ‘real pubs’ were good old fashioned ‘boozers’. It’s something about the old panelled wood and the antique mirrored pub signs that make you want to knock down a pint and get yourself into a brawl or make a sly wager.

This pub is steeped in history which is obvious as soon as you step in; you can feel all the drunken fights and good times of Londoners past in the carved woodwork. Upstairs, you can experience the good times of Londoners present with the addition of Pearl’s Bar. I had the pleasure of styling…. and drinking (waste not, want not) their glorious concoctions. The interiors upstairs are a just as beautiful with a slight East London edge. One of my favourite design features of Pearl’s is the ceiling; you can sip on a cocktail and sit underneath a beautiful, distressed metal tiled roof, dismantled from an old Boston music hall.

The layers of history in this building are so rich creating a vivid interior experience that will whisk you away to Victorian Hackney…or Boston! But rest assured you’re unlikely to get into a Dickensian brawl here and far more likely to get into an intellectual brawl with some slick hipster on Beyonce vs Solange, and, who will no doubt work in ‘media’.

You can eat, drink and be merry at The Cat & Mutton, 76 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8.

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Photography by Gregory Davies | Food & Drink styling by Shireen Dhaliwal


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