Nice Package: The Soap Co.

  • Nice Package: The Soap Co.
  • Nice Package: The Soap Co.
  • Nice Package: The Soap Co.

Handwash is one of those peculiar, everyday essentials that I love shopping for. It’s the thrill of finding one that looks great in the bathroom, adds a little luxury and smells like you want to eat it.

In my search for a new handwash (this happens every couple of months so be prepared for more posts on handwash alone!) I came across The Soap Co.

All of The Soap Co’s products are packaged in a minimalist, monochromatic, modern scheme designed by Paul Belford. Just the sort of packaging you would see in a sleek Skandi apartment.

What I find hugely impressive is that The Soap Co’s products are environmentally friendly as well as being a social enterprise. All of their products are handmade by people who are blind or otherwise disadvantaged hence the tactile Braille graphic underneath the main logotype.

They do hand wash and lotion in three fragrances, all naturally derived and hand made in the UK –Black Poppy & Wild Fig, Citrus and White Tea. The packaging is not only slick, but recycled, recyclable and bio degradable. Boom.

From every angle, this is a fascinating brand. Forging the way and demonstrating, quite beautifully, that a luxury product, sleek design and social impact need not be mutually exclusive.

You can find The Soap Co’s products in various national retailers here – they also supply businesses too (I told you they’d thought of everything!).


A beautiful product with a beautiful ethos.

Check out their slick Insta too @_thesoapco

Have you ever bought from The Soap Co.? I would love to know what you think of their products below!

(All images courtesy of The Soap Co.& Paul Belford)

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